Sinead and John Kerr: "We'll always be involved in this sport"

большое интервью с Шинейд и Джоном на Absolute Skating:

они говорят о том, что делали в этом году, каково им было принимать участие в последних ЧЕ в другом качестве, чем они собираются заниматься дальше, кому из фигуристов хотели бы поставить программы и о предстоящем чемпионате мира в Ницце.

ЧЕ 2012

Шинейд и Джон получили приглашение принять участие в гала чемпионата Европы, который пройдет у них дома. они также будут послами чемпионата.

Hi guys,

I thought i would let you know that, subject to ISU approval, Sinead and I will be performing in the Gala at the 2012 Europeans in Sheffield.

We are really excited at this possibility and we are already putting a lot of thought into what we will perform. Although we never got the chance to compete at an ISU event in the UK this is probably the next best thing.

The European Championships was always my favorite event because there is always such a great atmosphere and we always had such great support. I'm sure Sheffield is going to be just as special and I'm seriously counting the days already!

Its also a chance for us to say thank you to everyone who has supported us during our career. This one will be for you ;)

Lots of love, John


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A quick message from Sinead:

My recovery went really well and I am skating again and almost back to normal. We have made up a new show number which we hope to show in Japan to Adele's "Rolling in the Deep". We are really enjoying having the freedom to skate when we want, rest a bit, and also coach which we have been doing both here [in Scotland] and in the US. Mainly choreography and working Skating Skills with Free Skaters.


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